Building an Intentional Wardrobe

How quarantine changed my style and helped me establish a sustainable capsule wardrobe.

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After graduating from college and starting a new career, I began to move away from my super-colorful, preppy, and over-dressy wardrobe and have started to incorporate more high-quality, long-lasting pieces into my closet.

I feel that I have outgrown much of my old clothing and am beginning to favor a more sustainable closet, with pieces that can match with anything. Now, the pieces that I search for are more sustainably-made, are higher quality, and come in neutral tones to make them more wearable.

Working from home has also shaped the way I think about my outfit choices. I no longer yearn for trendy, high-fashion outfits, which are left sitting in my closet after months in quarantine.

Since then, I have prioritized comfort without sacrificing my personal style.

Here, I have organized a collection of some pieces I find that translate the goal of my capsule closet, including what I have purchased; what I’ve kept the longest; and what I’m coveting!

Recent Additions

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. All of my recent wardrobe additions were purchased from Poshmark! I got INSANE deals on all the items and I love purchasing secondhand to reduce waste and increase sustainability.

Looking to the upcoming winter months, I feel my staples will be:

  • blanket-like cardigans
  • oversized-sweaters
  • stretchy leggings or joggers
  • warm slippers.

Basically, all things lounge-worthy.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli via Unsplash

Tried and True

We all know of those pieces that are have been staples in our current wardrobe, and seamlessly fit in with the capsule closet we all long to create. These are items I trust to be comfortable for long-term wear, fit my body perfectly, and are made to last.

One item in my closet that has remained for many years is a Calvin Klein denim jacket that has even been deemed “tried and true” for two generations now, as it was my mom’s in high school (similar here)!

For denim, J. Crew jeans have been my go-to for a while now, as I love how their high-rise fit without being too extreme.

I am also a huge Rothy’s fanatic, with my most-worn definitely being these white sneakers. The absolute best part in my opinion is that they are machine washable, which miraculously solved the dirty white sneaker complaint I’ve had for years!

Author’s Screenshot, Photo via Rothy’s

Currently Coveting

I am pretty happy with the amount of clothing I have in my closet at the moment, especially given the fact that there is nowhere really to go during the pandemic.

One staple I have my eye on is a neutral-toned boyfriend blazer. It can be dressed up or down, and really adds a sense of sophistication to an outfit. I think I will invest in one of these before I return back to in-person work!

I have also been seriously coveting this Still Here tie-front cotton top. I think it would look adorable with jeans and sandals as we transition from winter to (finally) spring.

Lastly, I have struggled to find a trusty pair of sunglasses that look great on my face. I would love to try the Oliver People’s x The Row collection in the future.

Working from home has really given us the opportunity to reflect on our material items and decide which items we value on a day-to-day basis.

Now is the perfect time to take inventory of your possessions and convert to a sustainable wardrobe that will last you well beyond 2021.

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